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Periodization of the Indus Valley Civilization


The Indus Valley Tradition is a term used to refer to the cultures of the and rivers, stretching from the period down to the or .

The Indus Valley Tradition is divided into four eras, and each era can be divided into various phases. A phase is an archaeological unit possessing traits sufficiently characteristic to distinguish it from all other units similarly conceived. Each phase can be subdivided into interaction systems.

Cronology - (four phases)
Date range Phase Era
7000-5500 BC I (aceramic Neolithic) Early Food Producing Era
5500-3300 II-VI (ceramic Neolithic) Regionalisation Era
3300-2600 Early Harappan
3300-2800 Harappan 1 (Ravi Phase)
2800-2600 Harappan 2 ( Phase, Nausharo I, Mehrgarh VII)
2600-1900 Mature Harappan () Integration Era
2600-2450 Harappan 3A (Nausharo II)
2450-2200 Harappan 3B
2200-1900 Harappan 3C
1900-1300 Late Harappan (,     ) Localisation Era
1900-1700 Harappan 4
1700-1300 Harappan 5
1300-300 Painted Gray Ware, Northern Black Polished Ware (Iron Age) Indo-Gangetic Tradition
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(3300-1200 BC)

, , , , , , ,

(3000-1200 BC)

(2300-600 BC)

(3000-700 BC)

(800-400 BC)


Early Food Producing Era

The Early Food Producing Era corresponds to ca. 7000-5500 BCE. It is also called the Neolithic period. The economy of this era was based on food production, and agriculture developed in the Indus Valley. "" Period I belongs to this era.

Regionalization Era

The Regionalization Era corresponds to 5500-2600 BCE. The Early Harappan phase belongs to this Era. This era was very productive in arts, and new crafts were invented. The Regionalization Era includes the (kot), (še ni gotovo), and (kot) Phases.

1A/B Ravi aspect of the Hakra Phase ca. 3300-2800 BCE
2 Early Harappan/Kot Diji Phase ca. 2800-2600 BCE

Integration Era

The Integration Era refers to the period of the "". It is a period of integration of various smaller cultures.

3A Harappan Phase ca. 2600-2450 BCE
3B Harappan Phase ca. 2450-2200 BCE
3C Harappan Phase ca. 2200-1900 BCE

Localization Era

The Localization Era (1900-1300 BCE) is the fourth and final period of the Indus Valley Tradition. It refers to the fragmentation of the culture of the Integration Era.

The Localization Era comprises several phases (Shaffer 1992):

The Pirak Phase is a phase of the Localization Era of both the Indus Valley Tradition and the Baluchistan Tradition.

4 Harappan/Late Harappan Transitional ca. 1900-1700 BCE
5 Late Harappan Phase () ca. 1700-1300 BCE






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