Vzeti, vzemi, zemi, jemati, jama

samA- - Vzeti, vzemi, zemi, jemati
1. aghazaMsa wishing evil, wicked RV.; -- [ Slo: aghazaMsa="GORJA SI VZEMI" ]
2. AzaMsA hope, expectation, desire, wish -- {A-}=negacija [ Slo: ne vzemi si, ampak si le želi ]
3. duHzaMsa wishing or threatening evil, malicious, wicked RV. KJER:{dohati}="to pain, to ache"; {duh}=take advantage of, enjoy; -- [ Slo: vzemi si bolečine/slabega ]
4. duh {dugh} cf. {dughAna}, {dugha}, {dogdhi}, {dugdhe}, {duhe} RV. {duhate} to milk (a cow or an udder) fig. take advantage of, enjoy; to milk or squeeze out, extract (milk , Soma e.g. any good thing); draw anything out of another thing (with acc.) RV.; to give milk, yield any desired object RV. to be milked, to be drawn or extracted from RV. {dohayati}, {adUduhat}, {dohyate}, to cause to milk or be milked; to milk, milk out, {dudukSati} (RV.), {dudhukSati} to wish to milk; milking; yielding, granting; {dohati}="to pain, to ache"; -- [ Slo: duhati, sesati, dojiti, dojke, duh ]
5. anuzaMaz to overtake, reach
6. aS {aSati}, to go, move; to shine; to take or receive
7. zaMabhihR {-harati}, to seize upon or take together; to seize, take, take out ib.
8. zaMAdA {-dadAti}, {-datte} to give, bestow, present; to give back, restore; "to take away fully or entirely"=VZAMI, take away with one, accept, receive RV.; to take out or away, remove, with draw; to take hold of. grasp, seize; to gather, collect; to apprehend, perceive, comprehend, find out; to take to heart, reflect on; to undertake, begin (with {vacanam}, or {vAkyam}, "a speech"); to establish; to instigate; -- [Slo: vzeti, vzami] -- [Rus: , взять (vzjat') ], [Sla.dialects / Venetic: zami, sami, zemi, semi ]
9. zaMAdhA {-dadhAti}, {-dhatte}, to place or put or hold or fix together; to compose, set right, repair, put in order, arrange, redress, restore; to put, to add, put on (esp. fuel on the fire); to kindle, stir (fire); to place, set, lay, fix, direct, settle; to direct or fix the eyes or mind upon, to settle in one's mind, resolve; to take to or upon one's self. conceive (in the womb), put on; to wish to put together, desire to collect the thoughts
10. zaMAgRbhAya {-gRbhAyati}, {grah}, to seize together or at once, take hold of. RV.
11. zaMAhR {-harati}, to bring together, collect, assemble, contract, combine, unite; to bring back, restore to its place; to draw back, withdraw; to ravish, enrapture; to take off, put aside; to crush together, destroy, annihilate; to perform, offer (a sacrifice)
12. samAkRS to draw together, draw towards, attract; to draw away or out, extract, take out, to draw away , carry off
13. zaMAkSip to throw together, heap or pile up; to thrust or throw away, hurl; to move violently, toss about; to send forth , utter (words); to drive away, expel; to throw down from, tear off; to take away, withdraw; to destroy, annihilate; to insult, mock, ridicule; to hint at, suggest, indicate
14. zaMAlabh to take hold of seize, touch; to stroke, handle; to obtain, acquire; to rub, anoint, smear over
15. samAlamb to hang on, cling to; to lean on, depend on, trust to; to take to; to take hold of. seize, grasp; to have recourse to, assume; to acquire, obtain, appropriat; to fall to the lot of
16. zaManvArabh to take hold of or clasp together, take hold of one another
17. zaMAprach to take leave of.
18. zaMArabh to take in hand , undertake, begin, commence
19. zaMavalamb to take hold of. clasp, embrace
20. samAviz take possession of, occupy, penetrate, fill
21. samAzvas to breathe again, recover breath, revive, take courage, to cause to revive, reanimate, encourage, comfort, calm console
22. zaMdhA to place or hold or put or draw or join or fasten or fix or sew together, unite; "to heal a wound"; to compose the mind; to combine, connect with (instr.) RV.; to bring together; to be reconciled, agree with; to mend, restore, redress; to lay down on or in (loc.), fix on (esp. an arrow on a bow; to wish to place or join together, desire to repair
23. zaMgrah to seize or hold together, take or lay hold of. grab, grasp, gripe, clasp, clench, snatch RV.; to take, receive (kindly or hospitably), encourage, support, favour, protect; to seize on, attack; to apprehend, conceive, understand; to carry off; to gather together, assemble, collect, compile; to include, comprehend, contain; to draw together, contract, make narrower, abridge; to draw together (a bow in order to unstring it) MBh.; to hold in, restrain, check, govern MBh.; to constrain, force; to take in marriage, marry; to mention, name; to cause to grasp or take hold of or receive or comprehend or understand, impart, communicate (with acc. of thing and acc. or dat. of person); to wish to take hold of; to wish to collect; to wish to take in marriage, desire to marry -- [ Slo: vzeti ]
24. zaMhR to bring or draw together, unite, compress, collect, contract, abridge RV.; to throw together, mix up; to close, clench; to concentrate (the mind) on; to support, maintain; to take or fetch from; to lay hold of, attract, take for one's self, appropriate; to take away, carry off, rob; to lay or draw aside, withdraw, withhold from; to restrain, curb, check, suppress; to crush together, crumple up, destroy, annihilate; to wish to bring together, {-jarIharti} to destroy repeatedly
25. zaMindh to set fire to, set alight, light up, kindle, iguite, inflame RV.; to take fire RV.; to swell, increase, exhibit, show, betray.; to be kindled, take fire, break out into flame RV. &c.
26. zaMlabh to take hold of one another, seize or lay hold of mutually; to wrestle with; to obtain, receive
27. zaMmRj to sweep together, sweep clean, rub or wipe off, cleanse, strain, filter (Soma) , purify (fire by removing ashes) RV.; to take away, remove; to stroke, caress
28. zaMmRz to take hold of. seize, grasp, touch, graze, stroke
29. zaMmuS to steal, rob, take away
30. zaMniveza entering or sitting down together, entrance into, settlement; "to take up a position, settle down" -- KJER: {veza}="a settler, a house, dwelling, entrance; dependent, vassal RV.;"; seat, position, situation; station, encampment, abode, place; vicinity; an open place or play-ground in or near a town (where people assemble for recreation); assembling together, assembly, crowd; causing to enter, putting down together; insertion, inclusion; attachment to any pursuit; impression (of a mark); foundation (of a town); putting together, fabrication, construction, composition, arrangement; form, figure; form of an asterism=OZVEZDJE; -- [ Slav: veza, vezati; uvesti,"povabiti noter" ]
31. zaMparigrah to accept, receive; to receive in a friendly manner; to embrace; to undertake, accomplish, perform; to take in or understand thoroughly
32. zaMparyAp to take hold of together or simultaneously
33. zaMpragrah to hold forth or stretch forth together; to seize or take hold of together; to take hold of; to accept, receive (with {vacanam}, " to receive any one's words well or kindly ") Ya1jn5.
34. zaMprasthA to take up a position together (before the altar); to set out together, depart, proceed, advance, approach, go to; {sthApayati} to dispatch, send out to
35. zaMpravRt {-vartate}=VRTETI,OBRNITI, to come forth, arise, be produced from; (with {manasi}) to turn or think over in the mind, think deeply about; to begin, commence (said of persons and things), set about, prepare for; to take place, happen; to act, proceed, deal with; to go against, assail, attack; to be present or near at hand {vartayati}=VRTETI,OBRNITI, to cause to proceed or go forward, spread about, circulate, set in motion or action; to undertake, begin
36. zaMrabh to seize or take hold of. mutually grasp or lay hold of (for dancing), grasp, grapple each other (in fighting &c.) RV.; to get possession of; to grow excited, fly into a passion
37. saMspRz to touch water, sprinkle=ŠPRICATI , wash; to touch, come into contact (in astrol, sense); to reach or penetrate to, attain; to come into close relation with; to come upon, visit, afflict; to take out of, to bring into contact
38. zaMstambh {-stabhnoti}=STATI,OBSTATI, or {-nAti}, to make firm; to support, sustain, encourage; to make rigid (said of water); to restrain, check, stop=STATI,USTAVITI (esp. by magical means); to suppress (tears or sorrow), {stambhasva}) to be firm, take heart or courage; {-stambha}, {-stabhya}): {-stambhayati}, to confirm, strengthen {AtmAnam AtmanA}="SAMEGA SEBE"="one's self by one's self"), encourage; to take heart or courage; to make rigid or solid (water); to check, stop, arrest; to paralyze; to suppress, restrain (grief or tears)
39. zaMsthA zadržati; {-tiSThate}, {-tiSThati}; Ved., to stand together, hold together, said of heaven and earth) RV.; to come or stay near; to meet (as enemies), come into conflict RV.; to stand still, remain, stay, abide; with {vAkye}, to obey); to be accomplished or completed (esp. applied to rites); to prosper, succeed, get on well; to come to an end, perish, be lost, die; to become, be turned into or assume the form of; to cause to stand up or firm, raise on their legs again (fallen horses); to raise up, restore; to confirm, encourage, comfort; to build (a town); to heap, store up (goods); to found, establish, fix, settle, introduce, set a foot; to cause to stand still, stop, restrain, suppress=((ZADRŽATI)) (breath, semen); to accomplish, conclude, complete; to put to death, kill; to perform the last office for i.e. to burn, cremate (a dead body); to put to subjection
40. zaMuddhR [ Slo: vzeti, zemi ]; to take quite out, draw well out , extract from; to root out, extirpate, exterminate, destroy utterly; to rescue, save, deliver from; to lift, hold up; to pick up (a coin) Hit.; to raise up, strengthen, restore; to divide
41. zaMudgrah take hold of. seize on
42. zaMupAdA to gain, receive, acquire; to take away from, deprive of; to collect, heap together; to assume, put on
43. zaMupalabh to take or receive fully, obtain; to acquire by experience, learn
44. zaMupanI {-nayati}, to lead up to together, bring or draw near to, lead to; to take away, carry off; to offer (a sacrifice); to bring about, cause
45. zaMvah {-vahati}, {-voDhum}, to bear or carry together or along or away, take, convey, bring; to load (a cart or car; to take a wife, marry; to carry or move or rub (the hand) along the body, stroke, soothe; to take (a wife), marry
46. zaMvRt {-vartate}=VRTETI,OBRNITI, {-vavRtvas}; Ved.; {-vartam}, to turn or go towards, approach near to, arrive atRV.; to go against, attack; to meet, encounter (as foes) RV.; to come together, be rolled together, be conglomerated; (also with {mithas}) to have sexual intercourse together; to take shape, come into being, be produced, arise from RV.; to come round or about, come to pass, happen, occur, take place, be fulfilled; to begin, commence; to be, exist; to become, grow, get; to be conducive to, serve for {vartayati}, to cause to turn or revolve, roll RV.; to turn towards or hither RV.; to clench (the fist); to wrap up, envelop; to crumple up, crush, destroy; to bring about, accomplish, perform, execute; to fulfil, satisfy (a wish); to think of. find out (a remedy); {-vivRtsati} to wish to have sexual intercourse with
47. zaMyu {-yauti}, {-yute}; {-yunAti}, {-nIte} (Ved. also {-yuvati}), to join or unite with one's self, take into one's self, devour=VZETI=pogoltviti,požreti RV.; to join to another, bestow on, impart RV.; to join together, connect with (instr.), unite, mix, mingle VS.
48. zaMsa recitation, invocation, praise RV.; wishing well or ill to, a blessing or a curse; a promise, vow; either, by tmesis, "the right praiser" , or {Rju-zaMsa} as adj. "righteous, faithful"; a spell; calumny;. praise, flattery, eulogium; wish, desire; speech, utterance, anouncement; reciting, proclaiming, praising, wishing; -- [ Slo: vzemi/vzami si ] [[[ IZGUBLJENI ORIGINALNI POMEN ]]]
j e m a t i   in   j a m a;   Rus: Яма, Ямка
-- yam {yacchati}, {yamati}, {-te}; pf. {yayAma}, {yeme}; 2. sg. {yayantha}, 3. pl. {yemuH}, {yemire} RV.; 3. du. {-yamatuH} RV. {ayAn}, {ayamuh}; Impv. {yaMsi}, {yandhi}; {yamyAs}, {yamImahi} RV.; {ayAMsam}, {ayAMsi}, {ayaMsta}, {yaMsat}, {-satas}, {-sate}; 3. sg. {-yamiSTa} RV.; {ayaMsiSam}; fut. {yantA}; {yaMsyati}, {yamiSyati} inf. {yantum}, {yamitum}; {yantave}, {yamitavai} RV.; ind. {yatvA}, {yamitvA}; {yatya}; {-yamya}; {-yamam} RV., to sustain, hold, hold up, support; to raise, wield (a weapon; with {Ayudhaih} "to brandish weapons" MAHATI-Z-MEČEM) RV.; to raise, extend or hold (as a screen.) over (dat.) RV.; to extend one's self before (dat.); to raise; to stretch out, expand, spread, display, show RV.; to hold or keep in, hold back, restrain, check, curb, govern, subdue, control; to offer; confer, grant, bestow on (dat. or loc.), present with (instr.) RV.; to raise, utter (a sound); to fix, establish; to be firm, not budge RV.; (((( /TYsk-p39/ {nagaraM@tvAM@nayAmi}="I'll take you to the city"="{nayAmi}=VZAMEM te v mesto" - tožilnik {tvAM}=TEBE nakazuje namen/cilj z glagoli )))); [ Slo: zavzeti, vzeti, jemati ] ; to catch fire; to be raised or lifted up or held back or restrained RV.; to restrain, hold in, control, keep or put in order; -- [ Sla: kontrola ognja, ogenj uloviti, obdržati, čuvati v jami ]
-- grabh {grabh} RV. {gRbhNAti}, {gRbhNate} RV.; {gRbhNAna}; see {pratigrabh}="to take hold of, grasp, seize; to take"; {agrabham} RV.; to seize, take, grasp, lay hold of, to take a side, adopt a party; "to take by the hand in the marriage ceremony" , marry; to arrest, stop RV.; to catch, take captive, take prisoner, capture, imprison RV.; to take possession of, gain over, captivate; to seize , overpower (esp. said of diseases and demons and the punishments of Varuna) RV.; to eclipse; to abstract, take away (by robbery); to lay the hand on, claim; to gain, win, obtain, receive, accept, keep RV.; to acquire by purchase (with instr. of the price); to choose; to choose any one (acc.) as a wife; to take up (a fluid with any small vessel), draw water RV.; to pluck, pick, gather; to collect a store of anything; to use; to assume; to take on one's self, undertake, undergo, begin RV.; to receive hospitably (a guest), take back (a divorced wife); "to take into the mouth", mention, name RV.; to perceive (with the organs of sense or with, observe, recognise RV.; (in astron.) to observe; to receive into the mind, apprehend, understand, learn; (in astron.) to calculate; to accept, admit, approve; to obey, follow; to take for, consider as; to cause to take or seize or lay hold of; to cause to take; to cause to marry, give away a girl in marriage to any one; to cause any one to be captured; to cause any one to be seized or overpowered; to cause to be taken away; to make any one take, deliver anything (acc.) over to any one; "to cause to take a seat, bid any one to sit down"; to make any one choose; to make any one learn, make acquainted or familiar with; to be about to seize or take; to be about to eclipse; to be about to take away; to desire to perceive (with the organs of sense), strive to apprehend or recognise; [cf. Goth. {greipa}; Germ. {greife}; Lith. {grebju}; Slav. {grablju, grabiti, grablje, grebsti}; Hib. {grabaim}
-- pratigrah {-gRhNAti}, {-gRhNIte}; {-ajagrabhat}, to take hold of, grasp, seize (in astrol. = to eclipse, obscure); to take (as a present or into possession), appropriate, receive, accept RV.; to gain, win over; to take as a wife, marry; to take = eat, drink RV.; to receive (a friend or guest) RV.; to receive (anything agreeable as a good word or omen); to assent to, acquiesce in, approve; (rarely) to receive (an enemy), oppose, encounter; {-grAhayati}, to cause to accept, present with; to answer, reply