Voditi / to lead

Voditi / to lead
Avah {-vahati}, {-te}, to drive or lead near or towards; to bring; to fetch, procure RV.; to bring home (a bride); to pay; to carry away; to bear; to use {-vAhayati} to cause to drive or come near; to invite, invoke; -- [ Slo: vleči (voditi) ]
jaDa cold frigid; stiff, torpid, motionless, apathetic, senseless, stunned, paralysed; stupid, dull, "too stupid for"; void of life, inanimate, unintelligent, stunning, stupefying; cold, frost; idiocy; dulness, apathy; lifeless, matter; water (= {jala}); lead; -- [ Sla: voda (V slovanskih jezikih je pomen "voda" povezan s pomenom "voditi)" ]
jala {jaDa} (cf. {jal}); water, any fluid; N. of a river; {-lati}, to become water; {jAla}=watery; -- [ Sla: voda (V slovanskih jezikih je pomen "voda" povezan s pomenom "voditi)" ]
jAla watery; -- (voda je povezana s semantiko voditi tudi v sanskrtu ((( GLEJ: {vah} to bear along (water, said of rivers) ))) ]
udvah {-vahati}, {-te}, to lead or carry out or up, draw out, save RV.; to bear up, lift up, elevate; to take or lead away (a bride from her parents' house), lead home, marry; to lead to or near, bring; to bear (a weight or burden), wear; to support (the earth), rule, govern; to wear, have, possess; to show, to cause to marry, marry; -- [ Gr: ύδωρ (ydor) = water, aqua; ύδρίά (ydria) = drinking vessel ], [ Sla:SrHr: udati,udala,udao ]
upanI {-nayati}, {-te}, {-nayIta}; {-nayamAna} to lead or drive near, bring near, bring, adduce, offer RV.; to bring information , communicate; to lead or bring near to one's self, take possession of; to lead, guide; to lead or draw towards one's self; to bring about, produce, cause; to bring into any state, reduce to; to take into one's service
upAnI to convey or bring or lead near; to draw near; to lead away or off, carry off; to lead near, introduce to; to imitate
upanidhA {-dadhAti}, {-dhatte} to put or place down near to, put or place before; to place down, conceal; to deposit, intrust; to bring near; to produce, cause
upasad {-sIdati}, {-sadema}; {-asadat} to sit upon (acc.) RV; to sit near to, approach (esp. respectfully), revere, worship RV.; to approach (a teacher in order to become his pupil); to approach asking, request, crave for RV.; to approach in a hostile manner; to possess RV.; to perform the Upasad ceremony {-sAdayati}, to place or put upon or by the side
vadhra (also written {badhra}; cf. {bandh}) a leathern strap or thong; (also written {vaddhrI}); lead = VODILO
vadhraka lead = VODILO
vArdara {vAr} + {dara}) the berry of the Abrus Precatorius or the plant itself; the seed of the Mangifera Indica; silk; water; a conch shell; -- [ Sla: Vardar, vedro ]; -- [ Gr: ύδωρ (ydor) = water, aqua; ύδρίά (ydria) = drinking vessel ]; (((( GLEJ TUDI: {pravad} = (PRIPOVEDOVATI <=== VODITI) in {-vadati} = VODATI, ŠPRICATI, ŠKROPITI; ))))
vah {vahati}; Vedic forms which may partly belong to the aor. are {vakSi}, {voDham}, {voLham}, {voDhvam}, {UDhvam} RV.; {uhyAt}; {avakSi}, {avoDha}; fut. {voDhA}; {vakSyati}; inf. {voDhum} RV. {va4hadhyai}; {UDhvA}; to carry, transport, convey (with instr. of vehicle) RV.; to lead, conduct (esp. offerings to the gods, said of Agni); to bear along (water, said of rivers) (((voda je povezana s semantiko voditi (lead) tudi v sanskrtu.))); to draw (a car), guide (horses); to lead towards, to bring, procure, bestow; to carry away, carry off, rob MBh.; to lead home, take to wife, marry RV.; to drive, ride, go by or in (with instr. of the vehicle), be borne or carried along, run, swim RV.; to draw (a carriage, said of a horse); to pass away, elapse; to be drawn or borne by (instr.) or along or off RV. {vAhayati}, {avIvahat}; Pass. {vAhyate}, drive (a chariot), guide or ride (a horse), propel (a boat), go or travel by any vehicle MBh.; keep going; to take in, deceive; to carry hither and thither (cf. {vanIvAhana}; {vAvahIti}, {vAvahyate}, {vAvoDhi} [ Cf. Gk. Lat. {vehere}, {vehiculum}; Slav. {vesti}; Lith. {vezti}; Goth. {gawigan}; Germ. {wgan}{bewegen} ; Eng. {weigh}.] -- [ Sla: voditi, voziti, vesti, vezti ]
pUrvavah {vAh} drawing = VLEČI in front, being the first horse or leader, or harnessed for the first time (applied to a horse); -- [ Slo: prvi ]
pUrvayAvan "going before", a leader RV.; -- [ Slo: prvi ]
sArthavAha the leader or conductor of a caravan, a merchant, trader; -- [ Slo: paznik, (ki "vahta") ]
sArthavAhana the leader of a caravan; {voDhR} = VODJA leader, guide; -- [ Slo: paznik, (ki "vahta") ]
senAvAha the leader of an army; -- [ Slo: paznik, (ki "vahta") ]
vaha carrying, bearing, conveying, bringing, causing, producing, effecting; flowing through or into or towards; bearing along (said of rivers) = VODITI; the shoulder of an ox or any draught animal ( = VLEČI); the shoulder-piece of a yoke; a horse; a male river; a road, way = VODITI; wind; the breathing of a cow; a river, stream; -- [ Slo: paznik, (ki "vahta") ]
vAha bearing, drawing = VLEČI, conveying, carrying; flowing; undergoing; the act of drawing Hit.; riding, driving; flowing, current; a draught-animal, horse, bull, ass RV.; any vehicle, carriage, conveyance, car (having anything as a vehicle, riding or driving on or in); a bearer, porter, carrier of burdens; air, wind; carrying on, accomplishing, performing, completion; describing, narrating; steadfastness, perseverance; sufficiency, subsistence, livelihood;-- [ Slo: paznik, (ki "vahta") ]
vAhitR a conductor, {voDhR} = VODJA leader, guide; -- [ Slo: vodja ]
varUthAdhipa the leader of an army; -- [ Slo: varuh ]
varUthapa the leader of a multitude or host, chief, general; -- [ Slo: varuh ]
varUthinIpati the leader of an army; -- [ Slo: varuh ]
voDhR leader, guide; -- [ Slo: vodja ]