bAD,Aplu bathe / plavati (umivati, kopati se)

bAD,Aplu bathe / plavati (kopati se)
bAD {vAd}=voda, {bADate} to bathe, dive -- {Aplu}[ ==> Slo: {-plavate}, ... ]
Aplu {-plavate}, {-pluvIta}, {-plavet} to spring or jump towards or over, dance towards or over; to bathe, wash; to immerse one's self; to bathe, wash another; to water, bedew, inundate; to overrun; {-plAvayati} to wash or bathe any person or thing, cause to be bathed or washed; to bathe; to inundate, overwhelm, set in commotion; to dip [ ==> Slo: {-plavate}, ... ] [ Eng: {bath}; Old High German: {BAD} ]