Pijača, piti, med, medica / drink

Pijača, piti, med, medica / drink
Apa a quantity of water
ApA {-pibati}, {Apibatam} RV.; {-pIyate} to drink in, suck in or up; to sip; to drink in with ears or eyes i.e. to hear or see with attention, hang on; to absorb, take away; {-pAyayati} to cause to drink or suck in
aznItapibatA inviting to eat and to drink {aznIt-a-pibatA} [ Slo: jesti in (a) piti ]
aznItapibatIya to have the intention of inviting to eat and drink
mada any exhilarating or intoxicating drink, spirituous liquor, wine, Soma RV.; honey; -- [ Slo:medica ]
madana any intoxicating drink, spirituous liquor; musk; a mythical weapon; bees-wax; -- [ Slo:medica ]
mAdanIya intoxicating, inebriating; an intoxicating drink; -- [ Slo:medica ]
mAdhava {madhu}; a partic. intoxicating drink; -- [ Slo:medica ]
mAdhavI honey-sugar; an intoxicating drink; -- [ Slo:medica ]; a kind of grass; of a daughter of
madhavya fitted or authorized to drink Soma; consisting of honey; {mAdhava}; -- [ Slo:medica ]
madhu {madhvas} sweet, delicious, pleasant, charming, delightful RV.; bitter or pungent; liquorice; anything sweet (esp. if liquid); Soma (also {somyam madhu}) RV.; honey; milk or anything produced from milk (as butter, ghee) RV.; the juice or nectar of flowers, any sweet intoxicating drink, wine or spirituous liquor; sugar; water; pyrites; [Cf. Gk. Slav. {med}; Lith. {midus}, {medus}; Germ, {meth}; Eng. {mead} <== OE. {medu}="an alcoholic drink made from fermented honey" ]; -- [ Slo:medica ]
madhula {madhura}, sweet RV.; n. an intoxicating drink, spirituous liquor; -- [ Slo:medica ]
madhUlaka sweet; sweetness; a kind of bee; a species of grain; a kind of citron; liquorice; arrac distilled from the blossoms of the Bassia tree or any intoxicating drink; honey or sweetness; -- [ Slo:medica ]
madhumAdhavI any spring flower abounding in honey; a kind of intoxicating drink; -- [ Slo:medica ]
madhumAdhvIka any intoxicating drink; -- [ Slo:medica ]
madhumadya intoxicating drink made from honey or from the blossoms of Bassia Latifolia; -- [ Slo:medica ]
madhumaireya an intoxicating drink made of honey; -- [ Slo:medica ]
madhumantha a kind of drink mixed with honey; -- [ Slo:medica ]
madhupAna sipping the nectar of flowers; a sweet drink; -- [ Slo:medica ]; sweet through the sipping of the nectar of flowers
madhupeya sweet to drink RV.; the drinking of sweetness (as Soma); -- [ Slo:medica ]
madhusaMdhAna any intoxicating drink, brandy; -- [ Slo:medica ]
madhuvat as honey; as through an intoxicating drink; -- [ Slo:medica ]
madhuzukta a sour drink with honey; -- [ Slo:medica ]
madhvijA any intoxicating drink; -- [ Slo:medica ]
mAdhvIka a kind of intoxicating drink; -- [ Slo:medica ]
madirA spirituous liquor, any inebriating drink, wine, nectar; -- [ Slo:medica ]; a wagtai; a kind of metre
madotkaTa excited by drink; -- [ Slo:medica ], intoxicated; excited by passion, furious; ruttish; an elephant in rut; a dove; of a lion; an intoxicating beverage;an intoxicating drink made from honey or the blossoms of the Bassia Latifolia
madya intoxicating, exhilarating, gladdening, lovely RV.; any intoxicating drink, vinous or spiritous liquor, wine; -- [ Slo:medica ]
madyAkSepa addiction to drink
madyapAna the drinking of intoxicating liquors; any intoxicating drink; -- [ Slo:medica ]
mahApAnaan excellent drink BhP. {mahApAnaan}="excellent drink" BhP. ((( WHERE: {mah-ApAna-an} mah=great, strong, powerful mighty, abundant=MOGOČEN RV)))
nipA {-pibati} to drink or suck in, kiss; to absorb, dry up BhP. {-pAyayati} cause to imbibe or suck in
nirdhe {-dhayati}, to drink or suck up, absorb [ Slo: dajati ]
niSpA {-pibati}, to drink out or up, drink from
nRpANa giving drink to men RV.
pA {pibati}, {-te}; {pAti}=[ Slo: piti ], {pAthas}, {pAnti} RV.;{papAna} RV., {pipAna}, {papAtha} RV.; {papitha}; {papIyAt} RV.; p. {papivas}; {apAt}=[ Slo: opit ] RV. 3. sg. {peyAs}=[ Slo: piješ ] RV. ; fut. {pAsyati}, {pItvA}=[ Sla: pitva, pitvi ] RV. {-tvI} RV.; {pItyA}=[ Sla: pitja ]; {pAyam}=[ Sla: pitvam ]; inf. %{pibadhyai} RV.; {pAtum}; {pAtave}č {pAtavaI} RV. to drink, quaff, suck, sip, swallow RV., draw in, appropriate, enjoy, feast upon (with the eyes , ears ); to drink up, exhaust, absorb; to drink intoxicating liquors; {pIyate}, {pAyayati}, {-te}; {pAyayitvA}; {pAyayitavai} to cause to drink, give to drink, water (horses or cattle) RV., {pipAsati}, {pipISati}, to wish to drink, thirst, {pipAyayiSati}, to wish or intend to give to drink; {pepIyate}, to drink greedily or repeatedly [Cf. Gk. Lat. {pa-tus}, {potum}, {bibo} / {pi-bo}; Slav. {pi-ja}, {pi-ti} ]
pAcana causing to cook or boil [ Slo: pek, pekarna, peči ]; softening, digestive; sour; suppurative; fire; red ricinus; acidity, sourness; the act of cooking or baking; causing a wound to close, a stypic for closing wounds; extracting extraneous substances from a wound by means of cataplasms, a cataplasm; a dissolvent, digestive; any medicinal preparation or decoction; a sort of drink ; penance, expiation
pAna drinking (esp. drinking spirituous liquors); draught RV.; drinking the saliva i.e. kissing; a drink, beverage; a drinking-vessel, cup
pAnAghAta drink-stroke, morbid state after drinking
pAnaka a draught, drink, beverage, potion
pAnaM pijača the drink; {mahApAnaan}="excellent drink" ((( WHERE: {mah-ApAna-an} mah=great, strong, powerful mighty, abundant=MOGOČEN RV)))
pAnavat abounding in drink, rich in beverages
pAnavibhrama drink-giddiness, intoxication
pAnIya to be drunk, drinkable; a beverage, drink; water
pAnIyazIta too cold to drink
pAnta a drink, beverage {pAnIya}
paribhakS {-bhakSayati}, to drink or eat up (esp. what belongs to another), devour, consume
paripA {-pibati}, to drink before or after; to drink or suck out, take away, rob
paripAna a drink, beverage RV.
pAripAna drink
pAyana causing or giving to drink RV,; watering, moistening
pAyya to be (or being) drunk; to be caused to drink; n. drinking; water
peya to be drunk or quaffed, drinkable; to be tasted, tastable; to be drunk in or enjoyed by; a drink offering, libation; rice gruel or any drink mixed with a small quantity of boiled rice; a species of anise; a drink, beverage.
pI {pA}, {pIyate}, {pIta}, {pItvA}, {pIyate} to drink; -- [ Slo: pi, pij ]
pipAsat wishing to drink, thirsty
pipISat wishing to drink, thirsty.
pItha a drink, draught; water; melted butter
pitu {pyai} juice, drink, nourishment, food RV.
pitumat abounding in or accompanied by meat and drink, nourishing RV.
pIyUkSa the milk of a cow during the first seven days after calving, biestings; any thick fluid, cream, juice RV.; nectar (the drink of immortality produced at the churning of the ocean of milk)
prANaprAzanin feeding only on breath (i.e. on the mere smell of food or drink)
prapA {-pibati}, {-pAya} to begin to drink, drink RV.; to imbibe {cakSuSA} with the eye i.e. feast the eyes upon).
prapANa drinking, a drink or beverage
vipA {-pibati}, {-te} to drink at different times, drink deep RV.; to drink up from [ Slo: izpij, Rus: выпить, выпий (vypit', vypij) ]
virapANa the drink of warriors or heroes (taken before or during a battle, to raise the courage)
virapANaka the drink of warriors or heroes (taken before or during a battle, to raise the courage)
Zanimiva izpeljanka za IE prednike, ki so si jo izmislili Hindujci
purvepitarah prvi hranilci, starši, predniki; -- [ Slo: pitati, hraniti ]
mAtarapitarau mother and father, parents = starši; -- [ Slo: pitati, hraniti ]
purvepitarah prvi hranilci, starši, predniki; (((( KJER: {purve}=PRVI + {pita}=PITI,PITATI + {-rah} [OBRAZILO: poosebljenje kot {-nik, -ek, -ak, -ec, -ič, -ar, -er, ...} ] )))); {mAtarapitarau} mother and father, parents; (((( KJER: {mAtar}=MATER + {pita}=PITI,PITATI + {-rau} [OBRAZILO: poosebljenje kot {-nik, -ek, -ak, -ec, -ič, -ar, -er, ...} ] )))); -- [ Slo: prvi, pitati, hraniti ]

OPOMBA: (((( {purvepitarah} uporabljeno v [R00-EoV/04-what-is-veda] za narod naših prednikov, ki so prepevali vedske himne

Be that as it may, it is the songs and chants of these fathers of the race -purve pitarah-, it is their hymns that form the starting point and the kernel for the vast literature that has flowed from and developed round them and goes by the name VEDA.