Pasti, prikloniti se, pasti k nogam

Besedi stopalo in noga sta povezani z besedo »pasti, prikloniti se, pasti k nogam«
abhI {abhy-eti}, (impf. {-Ayan}=obhajan, {-Ayata}=obhajata; to come near, approach, go up to or towards; to enter, join, go over to; to get or fall into; to come to, fall to one's share; (said of the sun) to rise (as if he came nearer); to be perceived, known, Slo: (se posvetiti, ti prihaja)
abhihrut causing a fall or damage, injurious, fall, damage, injury -- [ Slo: hirati ]
abhihruti fall, damage, injury -- [ Slo: hirati ]
abhipat to fly near, hasten near; to rush towards, assail; to fall down upon, to fall or come into; to fly through or over; to overtake in flying; to throw down
apacyu to fall off, go off [ Rus: papast', (emu popalo v golovu) ]
Apad {-padyate}, {-pAdayati}, {-pede} to fall in or into; to enter, get in, arrive at, go into; to be changed into, be reduced to any state; to get into trouble, fall into misfortune; to come, walk near, approachto get, attain, take possession; to happen, occur; to bring into trouble or misfortune; -- [ Slo: vpasti, pad, padec, padati, pasti, ... ]
apadhvaMs to scold, revile, "to drive or turn away"; to fall away, be degraded; -- [ Slo: odpasti, pad, padec, padati, pasti, ... ]
apadhvaMsin causing to fall, destroying, abolishing
apahA to remain behind, fall short, not reach the desired; {-hIyate} to grow less, decrease
Apat {-patati}, {-patantam}, {-paptata}, {-papatyAt}, {-pAtayati}, {-patayanti} to fall out, to fall towards or on; to fall to one's share, to befall=(dogoditi se); to fly towards, come flying; to hasten towards, rush in or on; to assail; to approach; happen; to appear, appear suddenly; to fly towards; to throw down, let fall, cut down; to shed; -- [ Slo: odpasti, pad, padec, padati, pasti, ... ]
ApAtita caused to fall down, thrown down, killed
apayA to go away, depart, retire from; to fall off; {-yApayati}, to carry away by violence
pat {patati}; {papAta}, {paptima}, {petatur}, {paptur}; {paptivas} RV.; {papatyAt}; aor. {apaptat} RV.; {apAti}; fut. {patiSyati}, {apatiSyat}; inf. {patitum}; {patitvA}; {-pa4tya} or {-pAtam}, to fly, soar, rush on RV; to fall down or off, alight, descend (with acc. or loc.), fall or sink (with or without {adhas} or {narake} "to go down to hell"; with {caraNau} or {-NayoH}, "to fall at a person's feet"); to fall (in a moral sense), lose caste or rank or position; to light or fall upon, fall to a person's share (loc.); to fall or get into or among; to occur, come to pass, happen {patayati}, to fly or move rapidly along RV.; to speed, to drive away or throw down RV.; {pAtayati}; to let fly or cause to fall, to fling, hurl, throw; to lay low, bring down, overthrow, ruin, destroy; to throw upon or in, lay on; to throw one's self; to cut off (a head); to knock out (teeth); to pour out or shed (water, tears); to kindle (fire); to cast (dice); to turn, direct, fix (eyes); to impose or inflict (punishment); to set in motion, set on foot; to seduce to, betray into; (with {dvedhA}=DIVIDE=DELITI) to divide in two; to subtract; to rush on, hasten RV., {pipatiSati} and {pitsati}, to be about to fly or fall: {panIpatyate} or {-pAtIti} [Cf. Zd. {pat}; Gk. Lat. {peto}. Sla: {pad}, Slo: {pasti} ]