Oditi, odpotovati / depart

Smiselno možne povezave z besedami (noga, stopalo, pot) je beseda tudi » iti«
abhyanujJA to assent to, approve, allow, permit, concede; to authorize, direct; to allow one to depart, dismiss; to take leave, ask for leave to depart; {-jJApayiSyat} to ask for leave to depart
abhyanujJAta assented to, approved; authorized, allowed; favoured by; allowed to depart, dismissed
apayA to go away, depart, retire from; to fall off {-yApayati}, to carry away by violence
parApat {-patati}, to fly awny or past, escape, depart; to fall out, fail, be missing; to fly or rush along; to fly towards, approach, arrive {-pAtayati} - [ Slo: potovati ] to drive away; {-pAtam} - [ Slo:potujem ] flying away
pare {parA-i}; {paraiti}, {parehi}, {paraitu}; {parA-yat}; {paretya}, to go or run away, go along, go towards; to depart, die -- [ Slo: ma pare, na parah ]; to reach, attain, partake of
pravas -- [ Slo: prevoz, provoz, odpravljaš ] {-vasati}, {-vAsAM}, {-vatsyati}, {proSya} [ Sla: prošal, proći ] to go or sojourn abroad, leave home, depart; to disappear vanish, cease; to stop at a place, abide, dwell; to banish {-vAsayati} - [ Slo: voziti ], to make to dwell; to order to live abroad, turn out, expel, banish; {-vivatsati}, to intend to set out on a journey; to be about to depart from