Naga, gola, kača / naked

nAga - Naga, gola, kača / naked
nAga a snake, serpent-demon (the race of Kadru inhabiting the waters or the city Bhoga-vati under the earth; they are supposed to have a human face with serpent-like lower extremities; (((( kača je naga, večkrat se prelevi, o vrhu vsega pa tudi zgleda naga (sleče) /snake is naked, it gets "undressed" when it casts off its skin, besides it kooks naked too/ )))); -- [ Slo: nag, naga, kača ]
nAgarAj serpent-king (((( KJER: {nAga}=KAČA {rAj}=kralj, /king/ )))); -- [ Slo: nag, naga, kača ]
nAgarAja a large or noble elephant; to become a serpent-king; -- [ Slo: nag, naga, kača ]