Jama / jemati - hole ... Rus: Яма, Ямка

Jama / jemati - hole
agnikuNDa a pan with live coals; a hole or enclosed space for the consecrated fire
avadhi attention; a term, limit; conclusion, termination; surrounding district, environs, neighbourhood; a hole, pit; period, time; ind. until, up to, as far as, as long as, or in comp.); "perception extending as far as the furthest limits of the world" i.e. the faculty of perceiving even what is not within the reach of the senses, of the third degree of knowledge
avaTa a hole, vacuity in the ground; a hole in a tooth; any depressed part of the body, a sinus; a juggler; -- [ Sla: uvatiti ] ; (((( smiselna povezava med pomenom jama, jemati in ujeti ))))
avaTakacchapa a tortoise in a hole (said of an inexperienced man who has seen nothing of the world)
avaTi a hole in the ground; -- [ Sla: uvatiti ] ; (((( smiselna povezava med pomenom jama, jemati in ujeti ))))
avatka {avata}, a little hole
avaTu the back or nape of the nec; a hole in the ground; a well; -- [ Sla: uvatiti, ujeti vodo ]
avaTya being in a hole (((( smiselna povezava med pomenom jama, jemati in ujeti ))))
dRDaka a fire-place or hole made in the ground for cooking
grabh {grabh} RV. {gRbhNAti}, {gRbhNate} RV.; {gRbhNAna}; see {pratigrabh}="to take hold of, grasp, seize; to take"; {agrabham} RV.; to seize, take, grasp, lay hold of, to take a side, adopt a party; "to take by the hand in the marriage ceremony" , marry; to arrest, stop RV.; to catch, take captive, take prisoner, capture, imprison RV.; to take possession of, gain over, captivate; to seize , overpower (esp. said of diseases and demons and the punishments of Varuna) RV.; to eclipse; to abstract, take away (by robbery); to lay the hand on, claim; to gain, win, obtain, receive, accept, keep RV.; to acquire by purchase (with instr. of the price); to choose; to choose any one (acc.) as a wife; to take up (a fluid with any small vessel), draw water RV.; to pluck, pick, gather; to collect a store of anything; to use; to assume; to take on one's self, undertake, undergo, begin RV.; to receive hospitably (a guest), take back (a divorced wife); "to take into the mouth", mention, name RV.; to perceive (with the organs of sense or with, observe, recognise RV.; (in astron.) to observe; to receive into the mind, apprehend, understand, learn; (in astron.) to calculate; to accept, admit, approve; to obey, follow; to take for, consider as; to cause to take or seize or lay hold of; to cause to take; to cause to marry, give away a girl in marriage to any one; to cause any one to be captured; to cause any one to be seized or overpowered; to cause to be taken away; to make any one take, deliver anything (acc.) over to any one; "to cause to take a seat, bid any one to sit down"; to make any one choose; to make any one learn, make acquainted or familiar with; to be about to seize or take; to be about to eclipse; to be about to take away; to desire to perceive (with the organs of sense), strive to apprehend or recognise; [cf. Goth. {greipa}; Germ. {greife}; Lith. {grebju}; Slav. {grablju, grabiti, grablje, grebsti}; Hib. {grabaim}
havana fire or Agni the god of fire; a fire-receptacle; the sacrificial ladle; a hole made in the ground for the sacrificial fire which is to receive a burnt-oblation; the act of offering an oblation with fire, sacrifice; a sacrificial ladle ((((( povezava pomena za ogenj s ponenom jama, jemati, jemana, jamana )))))
havitrI a hole made in the ground for receiving the sacred fire for an oblation ((((( povezava pomena za ogenj s ponenom jama, jemati, jemana, jamana )))))
homakuNDa a hole in the ground for the sacred fire for oblations ((((( povezava pomena za ogenj s ponenom jama, jemati, jemana, jamana )))))
iriNa a water-course; a rivulet, well RV.; any excavation in the ground, a hollow, hole; a dice-board RV.; a desert, an inhospitable region; a bare plain, barren soil; salt soil ((((((( jarek, zemlja ))))))), [ Slo: izritina, izriniti ]
yam {yacchati}, {yamati}, {-te}; pf. {yayAma}, {yeme}; 2. sg. {yayantha}, 3. pl. {yemuH}, {yemire} RV.; 3. du. {-yamatuH} RV. {ayAn}, {ayamuh}; Impv. {yaMsi}, {yandhi}; {yamyAs}, {yamImahi} RV.; {ayAMsam}, {ayAMsi}, {ayaMsta}, {yaMsat}, {-satas}, {-sate}; 3. sg. {-yamiSTa} RV.; {ayaMsiSam}; fut. {yantA}; {yaMsyati}, {yamiSyati} inf. {yantum}, {yamitum}; {yantave}, {yamitavai} RV.; ind. {yatvA}, {yamitvA}; {yatya}; {-yamya}; {-yamam} RV., to sustain, hold, hold up, support; to raise, wield (a weapon; with {Ayudhaih} "to brandish weapons" MAHATI-Z-MEČEM) RV.; to raise, extend or hold (as a screen.) over (dat.) RV.; to extend one's self before (dat.); to raise; to stretch out, expand, spread, display, show RV.; to hold or keep in, hold back, restrain, check, curb, govern, subdue, control; to offer; confer, grant, bestow on (dat. or loc.), present with (instr.) RV.; to raise, utter (a sound); to fix, establish; to be firm, not budge RV.; (((( /TYsk-p39/ {nagaraM@tvAM@nayAmi}="I'll take you to the city"="{nayAmi}=VZAMEM te v mesto" - tožilnik {tvAM}=TEBE nakazuje namen/cilj z glagoli )))); [ Slo: zavzeti, vzeti, jemati ] ; to catch fire; to be raised or lifted up or held back or restrained RV.; to restrain, hold in, control, keep or put in order; -- [ Sla: kontrola ognja, ogenj uloviti, obdržati, čuvati v jami ]
yajJakuNDa a hole in the ground for receiving the sacrificial fire ((((( povezava pomena za ogenj s ponenom jama, jemati, jemana, jamana )))))
karta a hole, cavity RV.; separation, distinction
kartapatya falling or tumbling into a hole; {karta}=hole=LUKNJA -- [Sla: {patja}=pasti, past ]
kuNDa a bowlshaped vessel, basin, bowl, pitcher, pot, water-po; a vessel; a round hole in the ground (for receiving and preserving water or fire cf. {agni-kuNDa}), pit, well, spring or basin of water (especially consecrated to some holy purpose or person); a particular appearance of the moon (surrounded by a circle) ((((((( Uporaba pomena jame )))))))
kUpa a hole, hollow, cave RV.; a pit well; a post to which a boat or ship is moored; a mast; a tree or rock in the midst of a river; a leather oil vessel; a small well; a flask, bottle; ((((((( Uporaba pomena jame ))))))); -- [ Sla: kopati; luknja, jama/ ujeti vodo ]
kUpaka a hole, hollow, cave; the hollow below the loins; a pore; a small well; a hole dug for water in the dry bed of a rivulet; a stake to which a boat is moored; the mast of a vessel; a rock or tree in the midst of a rive; a funeral pile (or "a hole dug under a funeral pile"); a leather oil vessel; a stone or rock in the middle of a stream; -- [ Sla: kopati; luknja, jama/ ujeti vodo ]
kUpya being in a hole or well; -- [ Sla: kopati; luknja, jama/ ujeti vodo ]
lohAGgAraka Name of a hell ("pit of red-hot charcoal"="LUKNJA ZA OGENJ/(luknja z ognjem)" {lohAGgAraka} = {lohA}="LUKNJA)" + {GgAraka}="GORETI, goreča, gorka" [cf. Lat:. {lacuna}=pool, hollow, pit, cavity, {lago}=lake; Eng. {lagune}, {lake}; -- [ Sla: luknja, goreti ]
pratigrah {-gRhNAti}, {-gRhNIte}; {-ajagrabhat}, to take hold of, grasp, seize (in astrol. = to eclipse, obscure); to take (as a present or into possession), appropriate, receive, accept RV.; to gain, win over; to take as a wife, marry; to take = eat, drink RV.; to receive (a friend or guest) RV.; to receive (anything agreeable as a good word or omen); to assent to, acquiesce in, approve; (rarely) to receive (an enemy), oppose, encounter; {-grAhayati}, to cause to accept, present with; to answer, reply
ropa a fissure=RAZPOKA,ŠPRANJA, hole; the act of raising, setting up, planting, fixing; an arrow; -- [ Sla: rupa ]