Iti / go

Smiselno možne povezave z besedami (noga, stopalo, pot) je beseda tudi » iti«
A separable from the verb; ig:prefiks A- (kot slovanski od:oditi, oddati): A-{gam} , A-{yA}, A-{i} "to go", A-{dA}, "to give" / Slo: (odda); it reverses the action; e.g. {gacchati}=oditi, {A-gacchati} "he comes"; {A-datte} "he takes"; (as a prefix to verbs, especially of motion, and their derivatives) near, near to, towards.
abhI {i}, {abhyeti}, {abhAyan}, {abhAyata}, {abhItya} ... Slo: (obhajati, obhoditi) to come near, approach, go up to or towards
abhyave {i}, {-avaiti}, to go down, descend (into water, as in bathing)
abhye {i}, {-Ayati}, {-aiti} to go near, come to, approach
aS {aSati} -- [ Sla: iša, išo, ošao ], to go, move; to shine
asta home, "end, death" - [ Slo: ostati ]
aTh {aThati}, {-te}, to go - [ Slo: oditi, odhod(iti) ]
atiprach to go on asking - [ Slo: iti vprašat ]
ave {-eti}, {-ayat}; {iyAm}; {avA-yati} -- [ Slo: odvajati, uvajati ] to go down, go to; to rush down; {ave}, {avaitu} to go away; to look upon, consider; to perceive, conceive, understand, learn, know
Aviz {-vizati}, {A-vi4zam} -- [ Slo :vozim, voziti ] to go or drive in or towards; to approach, enter; to take possession; to sit down, settle; to get or fall into; to reach, obtain; to become {-vezayati}, to cause to enter or approach; to cause to reach or obtain; to deliver, offer, present; to make known
i {eti}, {ihi}, {ayati}, {ayate}, {iyAya}, {iyatha}, {iyetha}, {eSyati}, {aiSIt} [ Sla: iša,išao ], ({etave}, {etavai}, {etos} [ Slo: tavati ]), {ityai} [ Slo: iti ] to go, walk; to flow; to blow; to advance, spread, get about; to go to or towards, come; to go away, escape, pass, retire; to arise from, come from; to return; {punar} [ Slo: ponovno ] to come back again, return; to succeed; to arrive at, reach, obtain; to fall into, come to; to approach with prayers, gain by asking; {ita}; to undertake anything; to be employed in, go on with, continue in any condition or relation - {asura-rakSasAni mRdyamAnAni yanti} = "the Asuras and Rakshases are being continually crushed"; to appear, be; {Iyate}; {iyAna} to go quickly or repeatedly; to come, wander, run, spread, get about; to appear, make one's appearance; to approach any one with requests, ask, request, {Iyate}, to be asked or requested; {Ayayati} [ Sla: ujat, ujehat, ojti, ojdi, uhajati ] to cause to go or escape [cf. Gk., Lat. {e-o}, {i-mus}, {i-ter}; Lith. {ei-mi} "I go"; [ Slav. {i-du} ] "I go" [ Slav: {i-ti} ] "to go"; Goth. {i-ddja} "I went."]


Zanimivo je, da v v slovarju sanskrta besedo { i } najdemo pod tako pod pomenom "iti", kot tudi "hoditi"; POZOR: posiljena gotščina, ali pa potrdilo, da je mešanica germanske in venetske (slovanske) govorice.
iT {eTati}, {eTitum}, to go; to go to or towards; {iTat} to make haste; to err; [ Slav: {i-ti} ] "to go"
Zanimive sorodne besede podobnih pomenov
vihAya leaving behind i.e. at a distance from = UHAJATI, BEŽATI; disregarding, overlooking, setting aside = more than (acc.); in spite of, notwithstanding (acc.); excepting, with the exception of (acc.); -- [ Slo: uhajati, zapuščati, odhajalec ]
vihAyas the open space, air, sky, atmosphere; "through the sky"; a bird; able to move through the sky; from which perhaps it is scarcely separable, active, mighty RV.; sky-goer, bird; »v nebo hodec«; »ki nas zapušča«; ubženik; -- [ Slo: uhajati, odhajaš ]
vihAyasa heaven, sky, atmosphere; a bird