iraNa - puščava, neplodna zemlja ali Arijci?

iraNa - puščava, neplodna zemlja ali Arijci
IraNa desert; salt or barren (soil) = puščava, neplodna zemlja
iriNa a water-course; a rivulet=POTOČEK, well=IZVIR,VODNJAK -- RV.
IriNa desert; salt or barren (soil)
Arya {arya}, a respectable or honourable or faithful man, an inhabitant of Aryavarta; one who is faithful to the religion of his country; of the race which immigrated from Central Asia into Aryavarta; in later times N. of the first three castes -- RV.; a man highly esteemed, a respectable, honourable man; a master, an owner; a friend; Buddha; a man who has thought on the four chief truths of Buddhism and lives accordingly, a Buddhist priest; {Aryan} favourable to the Aryan people -- RV.; worthy of one, honourable, respectable, noble; of a good family; excellent; wise; suitable; [ cf. Old Germ. {era}; Mod. Germ. {Ehre}; Irish {Erin}. [ Slo: {orati, ralo} ] ]