Hoditi / walk

Smiselno možne povezave z besedami (noga, stopalo, pot) je tudi beseda »hoditi«
abhyavagAh to ride or walk (horses) into the ford=brod,pregay,plitvina; {abhI}; [ Htt: a-hi-ya-wa ] = ujajati; [ Slo: obhajati ]
adhicar to walk or move on or over, to be superior to
aGgana walking; place to walk in, yard; the act of walking; place to walk in, yard, court, area; a woman with well-rounded limbs, any woman or female;
ardhodaya rising of the sun or the moon. -- [ Slo: hoditi, vzhod ]
gA {jigAti}, {jigAt}, {agAt}, {agan}; {geSam}=GREM, {gAs}=GREŠ, {gAt}=GRE, {gAta}=GRESTA, {gur},{gUryate}=GREDO; {jigAya}, {agAt}, {agAyi}; {gAti}, {gAte} to go, go towards, come, approach RV.; to go after, pursue; to fall to one's (dat.) share, be one's; to come into any state or condition, undergo, obtain MBh.; to go away; to any place; to come to an end; to walk; {jigAti} to be born; {jigISati}; to desire to go -- [ cf. Old Germ. {gam}, {gas}; Goth. {ga-tvo}; Eng. {go}; Slo: grem, gremo,...]
gur {gRR}, {gurate}, to raise, lift up or "to make effort"; {gur} or {gUr}, {gUryate}, to hurt; to go; {gorayate} to raise
i {eti}, {ihi}, {ayati}, {ayate}, {iyAya}, {iyatha}, {iyetha}, {eSyati}, {aiSIt} [ Sla: iša,išao ], ({etave}, {etavai}, {etos} [ Slo: tavati ]), {ityai} [ Slo: iti ] to go, walk; to flow; to blow; to advance, spread, get about; to go to or towards, come; to go away, escape, pass, retire; to arise from, come from; to return; {punar} [ Slo: ponovno ] to come back again, return; to succeed; to arrive at, reach, obtain; to fall into, come to; to approach with prayers, gain by asking; {ita}; to undertake anything; to be employed in, go on with, continue in any condition or relation - {asura-rakSasAni mRdyamAnAni yanti} = "the Asuras and Rakshases are being continually crushed"; to appear, be; {Iyate}; {iyAna} to go quickly or repeatedly; to come, wander, run, spread, get about; to appear, make one's appearance; to approach any one with requests, ask, request, {Iyate}, to be asked or requested; {Ayayati} [ Sla: ujat, ujehat, ojti, ojdi, uhajati ] to cause to go or escape [cf. Gk., Lat. {e-o}, {i-mus}, {i-ter}; Lith. {ei-mi} "I go"; [ Slav. {i-du} ] "I go" [ Slav: {i-ti} ] "to go"; Goth. {i-ddja} "I went."]


Zanimivo je, da v v slovarju sanskrta besedo { i } najdemo pod tako pod pomenom "iti", kot tudi "hoditi"; POZOR: posiljena gotščina, ali pa potrdilo, da je mešanica germanske in venetske (slovanske) govorice.
parivraj {-vrajati}, {-vrajya}, to go or wander about, walk round, circumambulate; to wander about as a religious mendicant; to become a recluse=osameti,puščavnik {-vrAjayati}, to cause a person to become a recluse=osameti,puščavnik
pragAman walk, step