gara - gorje / misfortune

gara - gorje / misfortune
duHkhasAgara ocean of pain, great sorrow, the world; -- [ Slo: gorje (bolečina), /woe, pain, misfortune/ ]
gara ({gRR} = GOVORITI swallowing = GRGRATI) any drink, beverage, fluid; a factitious poison (an antidote"), a kind of disease (perhaps one attended with difficulty of swallowing, "disease in general" -- [ Slo: gorje (bolečina), /woe, pain, misfortune/] ); sprinkling, wetting; -- [ Slo: gorje, SrHr: gore - /woe, pain, misfortune/]
saMgara swallowing up, devouring, poison, misfortune, calamity; -- [ Slo: gorje ]; agreeing together, agreement, assent, conflict, combat, fight, battle with; a bargain, transaction of sale; knowledge; fit for combat or war, engaged in combat or war; -- [ Slo: gorje ]
vipad going wrongly, misfortune, adversity, calamity, failure, ruin, death; {-AkrAnta}, {-gata} mfn. fallen into misfortune; {-uddharaNa}, {-uddhAra} extrication from misfortune; {-grasta} seized by misfortune, unfortunate; a state of misfortune, calamitous position; attended with misfortune, unfortunate; {-rahita} free from misfortune, prosperous; -- [ Sla: izpad, izostati; Rus: выпад = izpad ]
vipadA misfortune, adversity, calamity; -- [ Sla: izpad, izostati; Rus: выпад = izpad ]
vipat {vi-pad}; {-kara}; N. of a goddess; season of misfortune or calamity Hit.; resulting in misfortune, calamitous; {-sAgara} "ocean of misfortune", heavy calamity; -- [ Sla: izpad, izostati; Rus: выпад = izpad ]
vyApad {-padyate}, to fall away, fall into misfortune, perish, be lost, fail, miscarry; to disappear, be changed into another sound or symbol; {-pAdayati}, to cause to perish, make worse, injure, hurt, spoil, kill, destroy; -- [ Sla: izpad, izostati; Rus: выпад = izpad ]
vyApad {vi-pad} misfortune, calamity, derangement, disorder, failure, ruin, death; -- [ Sla: izpad, izostati; Rus: выпад = izpad ]
vyasana moving to and from, wagging (of a tail); throwing (effort) into, assiduity, industry; separation, individuality; attachment or devotion or addiction to (loc. or comp.), passion, (esp.) evil passion, sin, crime, vice (said to arise either from love of pleasure or from anger; eight are enumerated under the first head; evil predicament or plight, disaster, accident, evil result, calamity, misfortune {vyasanAni} pl. misfortunes, ill-luck, distress, destruction, defeat, fall, ruin; setting (of sun or moon); fruitless effort; punishment, execution (of criminals); incompetence, inability; air, wind; tale-bearing; time of need; {prasArita-kara} having the hand stretched forth for (inflicting) calamity Hit.; {-prahArin} inflicting calamity, giving trouble or pain;