Koren "gor-" vse neobdelane besede

gor- - vse preostale besede
abhigara a calling out in approbation (part of the sacrificial ceremony), the priest who calls out approvingly (to the other priests)
abhigara see {abhi-}, {grI} below.
abhyAgAram ({gRR}=GOVORITI), so as to call or shout to each other (at the different steps of a dance) i.e. repeating separately, KaushBr. (see also {abhi-ni-nartam}), cf. {-apa-gAram}.
AbhyAgArika {abhy-AgAra}, belonging to the support of a family
abhyAgArika diligent in supporting a family
Agara {gRR}=GOVORITI.; -- [ Slo: govoriti, ogovoriti ]
Agarava coming from or formed of Agallochum or Aloe wood
agarI a kind of grass
aGgarAga application of unguents or cosmetics to the body (especially after bathing), scented cosmetic.
aGgArakadina a festival of Mars on the fourteenth of the latter half of Caitra.
aGgArakamaNi coral (amber).
aGgArakArin charcoal-burner.
aGgArakavAra Tuesday.
aGgArakRt charcoal-burner.
aGgarakSaNI body protector, a coat; -- [ Slo: ogrinjalo ]
aGgarakSiNI body protector, a coat; -- [ Slo: ogrinjalo ]
aGgArAvakSayaNa an instrument for extinguishing coals
aGgArikA the stalk of the sugar-cane
aGgArin heated by the sun, though no longer exposed to its rays
ajagara goat-swallower, a huge serpent
anaGgaraGga of an erotic work.
antaHsthamudgara the malleus of the ear.
apagara ({gRR}) reviler (special function of a priest at a sacrifice)
apagAram disapproving, threatening
araMgara one who bestows praise, who hymns the gods
arthagariyas highly significant.
astrAgAra an arsenal, armoury
AyudhAgAra an armoury, arsenal
bhaGgArI a gad-fly
bhRGgarAjaka a species of bird
bhRGgAri "bee enemy", a species of flower
bhRGgArikA a cricket
bhUgara earth-poison, mineral poison
bhujagAri serpent-foe, a peacock
chAgaratha whose vehicle is a goat
DaGgara throwing; a kind of gourd
DiGgara a servant, a rogue, cheat
gANagAri N. of a teacher
garadAna giving poison
garada occasioning sickness, unwholesome, "giving poison", a poisoner
garAdhikA the insect or the red dye obtained from
garala poison, the venom of a snake
garalin poisonous, venomous
garaNa the act of swallowing, wetting, sprinkling
garaNavat occupied in swallowing
gargara a whirlpool, eddy, a kind of musical instrument RV.
gargaraka the fish
gariman {guru} heaviness, weight; importance, dignity, venerableness; a venerable person
gariSTha {guru} heaviest, excessively heavy, most venerable; thickened excessively worst
garita poisoned
gAritra rice, corn, grain
garIyasa dearer than
garIyas {guru} heavie, extremely heavy, greater than, more precious or valuable, dearer than, extremely important, very honourable, highly venerable, more venerable than
garIyastara greater
garIyastva great weight, importance
gojAgarika a kind of prickly nightshade; happiness, fortune; (preparer of food, baker?)
gUDhAgAra a dungeon
hastijAgarika m. a keeper of elñelephants
kaDaMgara for {kaDaM-kara} above.
kanyakAgAra the women's apartments
kArAgAra a gaol or place of confinement
kelinAgara a sensualist, enjoyer of worldly pleasures
kojAgara a kind of festival (night of full moon in month September-October, celebrated with various games,
kUTamudgara m. a concealed weapon similar to a hammer
mArgAra metron, "one who catches fish with his hands"
mRgArAti an enemy or pursuer of deer a lion, a dog
mudgara a hammer, mallet, any hammer-like weapon or implement; a bud; a species of fish
nAgaraGga an orange-tree
nagarandhrakara mountain-splitter
nAgaratA f. cleverness, dexterity Dhu1rtan.
nigara m. eating, swallowing {nigAra, nigAraka}
nigaraNa the throat; the smoke of a burnt offering
pIyUkSagarala nectar and poison Hit.
pIyUkSasAgara nectar
pizaGgarAt giving reddish i.e. golden gifts RV.
prAgAra a principal building
pratyAgAra former place
sAgarakukSi of a serpentmaiden
sAgarapAla guardian of the ocean; N. of a serpent-king
sagara said of the fires, "swallowing", "devouring"
sAGgarAga mfn. having the body anointed with unguents
saMgara swallowing up, devouring, poison, misfortune, calamity; -- [ Slo: gorje ]; agreeing together, agreement, assent, conflict, combat, fight, battle with; a bargain, transaction of sale; knowledge; fit for combat or war, engaged in combat or war; -- [ Slo: gorje ]
saMgaraNa transaction together, agreement
saMsAraGgAra the fire of mundane existence
samudgAra vomiting or spitting out, ejection
satyasaMgara true to an agreement or promise
udgAra the act of discharging, spitting out, ejecting (from the mouth), vomiting, belching, eructation R. Sus3r. Ragh. Megh. &c., relating repeatedly Hit., spittle, saliva; flood, high water; roaring, hissing, a loud sound;
vigara not swallowing, an abstemious man, a naked ascetic, a mountain
vyaGgAra without charcoal, having no fire, at the time when the burning charcoal is extinguished)
zRGgAraka horned, having a horn or crest
zRGgArapiNDaka N. of a serpent-demon
zRGgAraveSa dressed suitably for amorous enterprises
zRGgAravidhi a dress suitable for amorous interviews