Dim / smoke

dhUma, dham ... - dim / smoke
AdhUmaya {dhUma} to envelop in smoke; -- [ Slo: dim ]
AdhUmra smoke-coloured; -- [ Slo: dim ]
AdhUpana enveloping in smoke or mist
AdhUpaya {dhUpa}, to envelop in smoke
agnibAhu smoke; N. of a son of the first; -- [ Slo: ogenj ]
agnivAha the vehicle of fire i.e. smoke
alaMdhUma "smoke enough", thick smoke; -- [ Slo: dim ]
ambhaHsU smoke
apadhUma free from smoke
arcaddhUma whose smoke is shining RV.; -- [ Slo: dim ]
asitavartman "having a black path (of smoke)"
cariSNudhUma having moving smoke RV.
chinnabhUyiSThadhUma bursting through the thick smoke; -- [ Slo: dim ]
citAdhUma smoke rising from a funeral pile
dahanaketana "mark of burning" smoke; -- [ Slo: dah ]
dham {dhmA}; to blow as wind; to blow into; to breathe out=DAHNITI, exhale RV., to kindle a fire by blowing RV., to melt or manufacture (metal) by blowing RV., to blow or cast away; to be blown; to cause to blow or melt, to consume by fire, reduce to cinder {didhnAsati} [ Cf. Slav. {dumo} "smoke" ]; -- [ Slo: dim, dihati, dah, duh ]
dhUlidhUmra smoke-coloured or dark with dust
dhUma {dhvan} smoke, vapour, mist RV. smoke as a sternutatory; wheat; -- [ Slo: dim ]
dhUmAbha smoke-coloured; -- [ Slo: dim ]
dhUmadhUmra dark like smoke; -- [ Slo: dim ]
dhUmadhvaja smoke-marked, fire; -- [ Slo: dim ]
dhUmajAla a mass of clouds or of smoke; -- [ Slo: dim ]
dhUmaka {dhUma}, smoke, a kind of pot-herb; -- [ Slo: dim, dihati, dah, duh ]
dhUmaketana smoke-marked, fire, meteor, a comet; -- [ Slo: dim ]
dhUmala smoke-coloured, purple, a colour compounded of black and red; -- [ Slo: dim ]
dhUmamahiSI smoke's wife, fog, mist; -- [ Slo: dim ]
dhUmanirgamana smoke-outlet, chimney; -- [ Slo: dim ]
dhUmaprabhA "having smoke as light", N. of a hell; -- [ Slo: dim ]
dhUmarakta coloured with smoke; -- [ Slo: dim ]
dhUmAvali a wreath or cloud of smoke; -- [ Slo: dim ]
dhUmaya to cover with smoke, obscure with mist, eclipse; -- [ Slo: dim ]
dhUmAya to smoke, steam, to cause to smoke or steam; -- [ Slo: dim ]
dhUmayoni smoke-engendered, vapour-born, a cloud; -- [ Slo: dim ]
dhUmopahata smoke-struck, suffocated by smoke; -- [ Slo: dim ]
dhUmorNA smoke-wool; -- [ Slo: dim, runo ]
dhUmra smoke-coloured, smoky, darkcoloured, grey, dark-red, purple, dim, obscured, a mixture of red and black, purple, of a monkey or bear; -- [ Slo: dim ]
dhUmrAbha smoke-coloured, air, wind; -- [ Slo: dim ]
dhUmravarNa smoke-coloured, dark, grey, dark-red; -- [ Slo: dim ]
dhUmyA thick smoke, cloud of smoke; -- [ Slo: dim ]
dhundhumAra slayer of Dhundhu; -- [ Slo: dim ]
dhUpa incense=KADILO, perfume, aromatic vapour or smoke proceeding from gum or resin, the gum and resin
dhUpoSman the heat or smoke of burnt frankincense
gandhapizAcikA he smoke of burnt fragrant resin
godhUma earth-smoke, wheat, wheat-flour; sour gruel made from wheat-flour, sour paste; -- [ Slo: dim ]
havirdhUma the smoke from an oblation; -- [ Slo: dim ]
homadhUma the smoke of a burnt-offering; -- [ Slo: dim ]
marudvAha smoke, fire
meghavAhin producing clouds, smoke, "riding upon a cloud"
meghayoni cloud-source, smoke, fog
nabholaya sky-dissolved, smoke
nigaNa the smoke of a burnt offering
pradhUmita smothered with smoke, giving out smoke, smouldering; -- [ Slo: predimiti ]
pretadhUma smoke of the dead i.e. of a funeral pile; (((( KJER: {preta}="PRED, PRETNJA" = departed, deceased, dead, a dead person; the spirit of a dead person (esp. before obsequial rites are performed), a ghost, an evil being )))); -- [ Slo: pred udimljenjem, pred mrtvec je udimljen ]
sadhUma enveloped in smoke; -- [ Slo: dim ]
sAgnidhUrna accompanied with fire and smoke Hariv.
saMdhUmAya to smoke; -- [ Slo: dim ]
vidhUma smokeless, not smoking (said of fire); -- [ Slo: dim ]
vidhUp to emit vapour, smoke
vyomadhUma sky smoke, smoke or a cloud; -- [ Slo: dim ]
zakadhUma the smoke of burnt or burning cow-dung, a priest who augurs by means of cow-dung, produced or born from cow-dung; -- [ Slo: dim, kaditi, zakaditi ]
zikhidhvaja fire-marked, smoke, peacock-marked
zvetamAla having white wreaths, a cloud, smoke
Zanimive podobne besede
dhI {dIdhIte} RV.; the forms {dhImahi} and {adhAyi} belong rather to {dhA}; {dIdhaya}, {-dhima} [ Rus: думать (dumat) ], {-dhiyur}, {-dhire} RV. to perceive, think, reflect; wish, desire; thought, (esp.) religious thought, reflection, meditation, devotion, prayer RV.; understanding, intelligence, wisdom, knowledge, science, art; mind, disposition, intention, design; notion, opinion, the taking for RV.; -- [ Slo: duh, dah, digati; Rus: думать (dumat) ]
dhiyAmpati "lord of the thoughts", the soul