Dati / give

dA, dha, dhA - dati / give, bestow=podariti
abhayadAna {dAna} giving assurance of safety.
adAna {dA} not giving, act of withholding, not giving.
AjJAdAna {dAna} giving an order
da {dA} giving, granting, offering, effecting, producing; -- [ Slo:/Sla: da, dati, dajanje, dar, podariti, položiti / postaviti ]
dA {dadAti}, {-dati}, {dadmi}; {-das}; {-dasva}; {dat}; {dur}, {-datur}, {-do}; {dadade}, {-dAte}; {daduSas}; {-dAvan}; {dAsyat}, {-syate}, {-sye}; {dAvane}; {-tave}; {-tum}; {-dAya}, {dIyate}; {adAyi} to give, bestow, grant, yield, impart, present, offer to; to give (a daughter) in marriage; to hand over; to pay {daNDam}="a fine"; {satyaM vacas}="to speak the truth" ((( WHERE: {satyaM}=truth, {vacas} = VIKATI=speak ))); to permit, allow (with inf.) MBh.; to permit sexual intercourse [ Slo: dati, dala ]; to place, put (((( »to place, put« je slovenska / slovanska uporaba besede dati, v germanskih jezikih ni recimo običajno reči: »dati nekaj na mizo«, v angleščini je to celo napačna uporaba tega glagola. )))); apply; to sell (with instr. of the price) == (((( Primer pretirane / ekstremne slovnične metaforike: »dati« + "predmet dajanja" v orodniku ==> »prodati« )))); to add; with {varam} "to grant a boon = DARILO,MILOST,PROŠNJA"; {zrAddham} to perform a Sraddha MBh.; {vratakam} to accomplish a vow; {yuddham}, {saMgrAmam} to give battle, fight with MBh.; {Adezam}, to give an order, command; {pAvakam}, to set on fire; {agnIn} to consume by fire; {dApayati} to cause to give or be given, cause to bestow or present or give up, oblige to pay, make restore; to wish to give, be ready to bestow RV.; to wish to give in marriage MBh.; Gr: δίδω (dido)=give; δίδωμι (didomi) = "give devote"; γαμίζω (gamizo)="give in marriage"; Lat: datio, onis = giving, transfer, dato = make practice of giving; dator, oris = giver; -- [ Slo:/Sla: da, dati, dajanje, dar, podariti, položiti / postaviti ]
dA a giver RV.; {dAs}; giving, granting; -- [ Slo:/Sla: da, dati, dajanje, dar, podariti, položiti / postaviti ]
dAnaM dajati, darilo giving, gift; -- [ Slo:/Sla: dar, darilo ]
dha putting, placing, bestowing=podariti, granting, give, holding, having, causing, {dha}; placer, bestower, holder, supporte; -- [ Slo:/Sla: da, dati, dajanje, dar, podariti, položiti / postaviti ]
dhA putting, placing, bestowing=podariti, give, holding, having, causing, {dha}; placer, bestower, holder, supporte; -- [ Slo:/Sla: da, dati, dajanje, dar, podariti, položiti / postaviti ]
dhA {da4dhAti}, {dhatte}, {dadhva4s}, {dhatthas}, {dhattas}, {dAdhati}; {adadhAt}; {adhatta}, {adadhAta}; {dadhat}, {-dhas}, {-dhatas}, {-dhan}; {dadhyAt}; {dhatte}; {dadhiSva}; {dhaddhvam}; {dadhati}, {dhA4ti}; {dadhiSe} to put, place, set, lay in or on, to inflict punishment on; to bring help to; upon, think of, fix or resolve upon; to destine for, bestow on, present or impart to; to appoint, establish, constitute; to render; to make, produce, generate, create, cause, effect, perform, execute; to seize, take hold of, hold, bear, support, wear, put on (clothes) to accept , obtain, conceive get, take, to take pleasure or delight in; to assume, have, possess, show, exhibit, incur, undergo, to wish to put in or lay on, to wish to give or present;to wish to gain, strive after; to bid defiance; (((( glejTudi: {hita} (p.p. of {dhA} cf. {dhita}=DANA) put, placed, set, laid, laid upon, imposed )))) [ Cf. Zd. {da}, {dadaiti}; Gk. Lith. {dedu} , {deti}; Slav. {da, dati} ; Old Sax. {duan} , {don}, Angl. Sax. {don}, Engl. {do}; Germ. {tuan}; {tuon}, {thun}. ]; -- [ Slo:/Sla: da, dati, dajanje, dar, podariti, položiti / postaviti ]
dhanaM denar, money
daSa danost, okoliščine (circumstances); -- [ Slo: dan, danost ]
dAyin giving, granting [ Slo: dajanje ]; communicating; yielding, ceding, allowing, permitting; causing effecting, producing, performing; having to pay, owing; -- [ Slo: dajanje ]
daityasenA N. of a daughter of Praja-pati and sister of Deva-sena MBh.
daiva {daiva} belonging to or coming from the gods, divine, celestial; sacred to the gods; a form of marriage, the gift of a daughter at a sacrifice to the officiating priest; the knowledge of portents (vedeževanje); a woman married according to the Daiva rite Vishnu; a division of medicine, the medical use of charms, prayers; a deity{karman}, {kArya} a religious offering or rite; divine power or will, destiny, fate, chance, by chance, accidentally; -- [ Slo:/Sla: da, dati, oddana ]
dakSajA "daughter"; the Moon's wives; -- [ Slo:/Sla: da, dati, oddana ]
dakSasuta a son of god Dadhica; a daughter of Dadhica; the Moon's wives (((( OPOMBA: v zgodbi imajo vsi starši, sinovi, hči, sestra in bogovi, ki prejme nevesto v dar v imenu besedico »da/dati«, kar kaže na nerazumevanje venetske (proto-slovanske) semantike besed, torej lahko sklepamo, da so takrat, ko so nastajala stara indijska literarna in filozofska dela (kako tisočletje ali več pred nastankom sanskrta) Veneti, bili med Indijci tujci (prišleki), ali pa so neštete podobnosti v sanskrtu s slovanskimi jeziki slučaj? )))); -- [ Slo:/Sla: da, dati, oddana ]
dAkSAyaNa coming from or relating to Daksha; a son or descendant of Daksha; a partic. sacrifice; (Name of any daughter of Daksha (Aditi, Diti, Kadru) MBh. (pl. the 27 lunar mansions considered as daughters of Daksha and wives of the Moon) ... povezava z LUNO (syAyana = sijati, svetiti se) ; gold or a gold ornament = {dAkSasyAyana} = "sijoče/bleščeče darilo" (syAyana = sijati, svetiti se); -- [ Slo:/Sla: da, dati; sijati, svetiti se ]
dakSakanyA a daughter; -- [ Slo:/Sla: da, dati, oddana ]
dAkSeya "son of Dakshi" metron; "daughter of Dakshi" metron of the mother of parrots MBh.
dAkSi a son of Daksha; a daughter of Daksha
damayantI "subduing (men )" Name of Nala's wife (-- daughter of Bhima king of Vidarbha - (((( {Vidarbha = Vi-dar-bha} = V-DAR-BILA, po-darjena-biti )))); a kind of jasmine;
danAyus daughter of Daksha (named with {Danu} = podarjenemu) MBh.; -- [ Slo:/Sla: da, dati; podarjenemu ]
daNDaka a staff; a handle (of a parasol); the beam (of a plough); the staff of a banner MBh.; a row, line; a stick, staff; a line; a rope; a string of pearls
danu a daughter of Daksha; {danAyU} mother of the Danavas) MBh.; a son of Danava; originally very handsome, but changed into a monster by Indra for having offended him)
darva {-vi} a ladle; the hood of a snake; a mischievous man, rapacious animal; a daughter of Usinara
dAraka (rather connected with {dAra} than with {dR}) a boy, son, child MBh.; young animal; a girl, daughter; a boy and girl
dArikAdAna gift of a daughter in marriage
dArumaya ceremonial votive gift - wooden doll = "(darovalna) lesena lutka", made of wood; wooden, a wooden doll MBh.; a funeral pile; -- [ Slo:/Sla: dar ]
dAtR giving, a giver, donor, liberal; one who gives a daughter in marriage; a father or brother who gives a daughter or sister in marriage; one who offers (his wife gen.); a creditor; granting, permitting; a founder (of a household -- [ Lat. {dator}, {daturus}; -- [ Slo: da, dati, dajalec ] ]
hita (p.p. of 1. {dhA} cf. {dhita}=DANA) put, placed, set, laid, laid upon, imposed, lying or situated or contained in (loc.) RV.; set up, established, fixed (as a prize) RV.; planned, arranged (as a race or contest; prepared, made ready; held, taken; assigned to; given; beneficial, advantageous, salutary, wholesome, suitable, agreeing with; well-disposed, favourable, friendly, affectionate, kind; m. a friend, benefactor; anything useful or salutary or suitable or proper, benefit, advantage, profit, service, good, welfare, good advice (((("GENERATIVNA" BRAHMANSKA GRAMATIKA: {dhita}=DANA ==> {datta}=DANOST /glej:TYsk-p:47/ ))))
hita sent, impelled, urged on, set in motion; going, running, speeding RV. [ Slo: hitro, hitrost ]
vidarbha destitute of Darbha grass, N. of a country south of the Vindhya hills (now called Berar; it was the country of Damayanti, wife of Nala; the soil was probably grassless and arid, but the absence of Darbha is said to be due to the fact that the son of a saint died of the prick of a sharp blade of that grass) MBh.; a king of Vidarbha - (((( {Vidarbha = Vi-dar-bha} = V-DAR-BILA, po-darjena-biti ))));
nidhA {-dadhAti}, {-dhatte}, to put or lay down - ((((»to put« or »lay down« je slovenska / slovanska uporaba besede dati, v germanskih jezikih ni recimo običajno reči: »dati nekaj na mizo«, v angleščini je to celo napačna uporaba tega glagola. )))) ; deposit, lay up, preserve; to intrust, commit, present to; put into, fix in; put or lay before a person; to bury; with{zirasi}; to fix the eyes upon; (with {manas}) to fix or direct the thoughts upon or towards i.e. resolve, determine to; to keep in mind, bear in mind, remember, lay to heart; (with {hRdayam}) to give one's heart to; (with {AtmAnam}) to intrust one's self to; (with {kriyAm}) to take pains with (loc.) Hit.; (with {karmaNi}) to appoint a person to a work; to keep down, restrain; to end, close, to be put or laid down; to be contained or situated or absorbed in, to rest in RV.; {-dhApayati} to cause to be put or laid down; to cause to be deposited or preserved; to lay up, preserve; to appoint, to intend to put down, to settle down
pradA podariti, podeliti, porabiti (bestow, use up); -- [ Slo: podariti, podeliti, porabiti ]
zaMAdA {-dadAti}, {-datte} to give, bestow, present; to give back, restore; "to take away fully or entirely"=VZAMI, take away with one, accept, receive RV.; to take out or away, remove, with draw; to take hold of. grasp, seize; to gather, collect; to apprehend, perceive, comprehend, find out; to take to heart, reflect on; to undertake, begin (with {vacanam}, or {vAkyam}, "a speech"); to establish; to instigate; -- [Slo: vzeti, vzami] -- [Rus: , взять (vzjat') ], [Sla.dialects / Venetic: zami, sami, zemi, semi ]
zaMAdhA {-dadhAti}, {-dhatte}, to place or put or hold or fix together; to compose, set right, repair, put in order, arrange, redress, restore; to put, to add, put on (esp. fuel on the fire); to kindle, stir (fire); to place, set, lay, fix, direct, settle; to direct or fix the eyes or mind upon, to settle in one's mind, resolve; to take to or upon one's self. conceive (in the womb), put on; to wish to put together, desire to collect the thoughts
Po obliki in pomenu podobne besede
ratnadhAtamam {ratna} + {dhAta} =DARILO + {mam} ="akuzativ (4. sklon)" ==> DAJALEC DAROV, giver; {ratna} a gift, present, goods, wealth, riches RV.; a jewel, gem, treasure, precious stone
puruda gold; {purudaya} =PORIVA-DOBROTE - abounding =BOGAT in compassion
purudama possessed of or belonging to many houses = MNOGO-DOMOV
purudaMsa abounding in mighty or wonderful deeds RV.; {purudaMsu} N. of Indra
purudatra rich in gifts RV.; KI DARUJE (((( seeA: {purudaya} = PORIVA-DARROVE / DOBROTE ))))