(- D -) dati - give, bestow

dha, dhA - dati / give, bestow=podariti
dha,dhA putting, placing, bestowing=podariti, granting, give, holding, having, causing, {dha}; placer, bestower, holder, supporte -- [ Slo: {da, dati, podariti} ]
dhA {da4dhAti}, {dhatte}, {dadhvas}, {dhatthas}, {dhattas}, {dAdhati}; {adadhAt}; {adhatta}, {adadhAta}; {dadhat}, {-dhas}, {-dhatas}, {-dhan}; {dadhyAt}; {dhatte}; {dadhiSva}; {dhaddhvam}; {dadhati}, {dhAti}; {dadhiSe} to put, place, set, lay in or on, to inflict punishment on; to bring help to; upon, think of, fix or resolve upon; to destine for, bestow on, present or impart to; to appoint, establish, constitute; to render; to make, produce, generate, create, cause, effect, perform, execute; to seize, take hold of, hold, bear, support, wear, put on (clothes) to accept , obtain, conceive get, take, to take pleasure or delight in; to assume, have, possess, show, exhibit, incur, undergo, to wish to put in or lay on, to wish to give or present;to wish to gain, strive after; to bid defiance [ Cf. Zd. {da}, {dadaiti}; Gk. Lith. {dedu}, {deti}; Slav. {da, dati}; Old Sax. {duan}, {don}, Angl. Sax. {don}, Engl. {do}; Germ. {tuan}; {tuon}, {thun}. ]