This is not a Greek Language Lesson
By: Igor Pirnovar


Before you dive any deeper into our articles which are bundled under the common title Greek Language, I feel obligated to tell you that I am not a linguist nor do I speak either ancient or modern Greek. Also this is not a lesson in any of the above mentioned languages.

When I started to seriously study Etruscan inscriptions, a few years ago, I discovered that Etruscan indeed contains many relations to ancient Greek world, and not surprisingly a fair amount of words that may have a far relative, and sometimes even a closer tween or a sibling in Greek. Therefor, I spend a few years studying related topics, ancient languages, and most of all, ancient Greek dictionaries.

I also realized that many times Etruscan texts refer to Greek mythological stories, creatures and heroes, so I expanded my Greek studies to include Greek Mythology, literature and history. Soon new relationships to Slavic and Egyptian languages and mythologies started to reveal themselves. This prompted me to systematically tackle newly discovered issues, which in turn led me to document things for further investigations, verifications and scrutiny.

So, this is what you will find on the pages I gathered here under the common title Greek Language. To all of you, who decided to continue reading I wish pleasant reading.


©2005 Igor H. Pirnovar
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